Why we need feminism | In 10 GIFs

Often when I ask someone why they aren’t a feminist, I get a reply sounding somewhat like ‘Oh. It’s such a mainstream and hyped topic that I don’t feel like thinking about it.’ Or something that means, “Oh! But it doesn’t affect me. I have never experienced it so I shall not support it.” Or just an outright, “But I don’t hate men!”

Yes, I agree that feminism has become ‘hyped’ and that it takes a lot of strength and grey cells to think about. I also agree that sexual harassment in not something every woman has experienced, YET! And yes, believe it or not, feminism is not about hating men. It is however, about women and the constant struggles of their lives. Therefore, we present to you all the reason why feminism is important; condensed into 10 gifs. Let’s get to it!

1) Worth = Fuckability.

Source: wired.com


2) Ideal Conditions: Woman naked, Man suited.


Source: giphy.com

3)  Don’t be an overbearing bitch! Our egos are too sensitive.


Source: giphy.com


4)  They want natural but they want good looking too!

Source: giphy.com

Source: giphy.com


5) A man wins a lawsuit for the same reason a woman doesn’t.


Source: Buzzfeed.com


6) Slut or Spinster. There is no in between.


Source: nowstreamingpod.com


7) You want respect? Here, let me grab your boob.


Source: Buzzfeed.com


8) Sports are too masculine.


Source: Buzzfeed.com


9) One word: MANSPLAINING! 


Source: bbs.boingboing.net


10) Meaningless hatred on behalf of everyone.


Source: giphy.com


The list is endless!  Tell us the reason why you are or are not a feminist. We’d love to here from you!


The F Word.


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