The Team



  • Bhavika Gupta: Bhavika is a science student who loves to write, read, binge watch cool TV shows and scrutinise song lyrics. Her love for animals is as strong as her hate for chauvinists. She hopes of creating a helpful and interactive community through this blog which aims at uplifting women from all kinds of background and in establishing equality amongst all genders.


  • Umara Zainab: Umara is a 17 year old girl who loves reading and writing about stuff that concerns her the most; including women’s rights, globalization, climate change, stolen dreams and her unhealthy obsessions with food and bad TV.On a normal day she can be found questioning her worth on a bathroom floor and overcoming her hesitations. She believes in attaining justice and true happiness for all by building movements and raising consciousness among people.


Social Media Manager:

  • Apoorva Jha: Apoorva is an arts student, currently in school, who enjoys music, history, photography along with a good cup of coffee. She aims for an equal, happy and approachable society for all genders.


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